What to Inspect When Buying Any House

Have you been house hunting? Did you come across an advert for a nice home that almost seems too good to be true? Well, let’s not rule out the possibility that it just might be! Real estate agents and home advertisers can make any home at all seem like the most perfect house for you to buy. They can read you pretty fast and then tell you all the things you want to hear so that you buy from them. Their hunger for commission can cost you dearly if you aren’t paying attention.

There’s always something hidden in the fine print so you have to look for it. Your own eyes might be untrained but if you’re smart about it and you hire a professional in building inspections North Shore, there’s little that can be hidden from you. Here’s a short list of things you ought to have inspected before buying any house, new or old.

The Foundation

Ultimately, your home is only as sturdy as the foundations it was built upon. If you’re seeing cracks on the outside walls, something’s fishy and you need to get it checked. Also, if there are trees growing near the foundations, don’t rule out the possibility of the roots having done some damage already.

What’s The Ventilation Like?

Some houses are built with bad ventilation and others just have faulty ventilation systems – you can’t live with either. If the air in the house smells stale, it’s worth getting it checked out. If there are heating and cooling systems installed, you’d want to know how well they work as well.

Make The Seller Pay For The Inspection

You’ll be looking for a lot of houses to buy and you can’t afford to have them expected out of your own pockets. If the seller is so confident that you’d buy the house, the least they can do is offer you a sound inspection report.