The Best College Football Tailgate Party Areas

Football in college is about more than just football, it is about celebrating a college’s atmosphere, its culture, and it is about giving students a chance to have a blast. Whether you are on the winning side or the losing side, college football is always followed by partying, high energy, alcohol fuelled partying where the future generation gathers to have a great time and drink their worries away.

Tailgate parties are especially popular amongst college party goers, and today we are going to be taking a look at all the places that are known for their awesome tailgate parties and for bringing in college party crowds.

Austin Texas

Austin has a nightlife for people of all ages, whether you are a fresher or an alumni, 6th Street will let you explore clubs that try to bring the glory of Vegas to Austin, dive bars, and incredibly cheap drinks. The college sections over there are especially wild and crazy while the alumni bars have a slightly more controlled atmosphere.

If you are more into tailgate parties then there are a ton of different options out there, ranging from small time campuses that offer fun experiences to more prolific players who really let you get the true taste of tailgating. All the places that we are going to talk about are considered to be the big fish of the tailgate party scope, where people actually pay fees just to get a spot where they can setup a tent, but fortunately, walking around and exploring these scenes is free of cost.

The Grove

A personal favourite of Ole Miss alumni, The Grove has become a hotspot for tailgate parties where you can find tailgaters yelling their battle cry and having a blast. Any alumni that you come across over here will tell you that they have never lost at a tailgate party, this gives you a pretty good idea of how spirited they are when it comes to partying.

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Conveniently located a short distance from the area’s stadium, there is a grassy area known as The Quad that is popular for its awesome tailgate party setups. You can have a great time sitting around and watching the cheerleaders go about their business, or you can go for a stroll on the University Boulevard, you can catch a game in the stadium or watch it from one of the local bars, where you can later on participate in the many parties that start after the game ends.

Michigan, Ann Arbo

Even in a university where a majority of the students are engineers, there are plenty of people who are active party goers and really know how to tailgate. Their stadium is lovingly called “The Big House” and you can catch some pretty lively post game parties over there. If you plan on heading there, remember to avoid the sidewalks while your drinking.

When it comes to partying, one of the most important factor that determines the quality of a party is the crowd, and students always make great party crowds.