The Right Answer to Falling Teeth

Sometimes it’s your poor dental practices that cause your teeth to fall out early but at other times, your teeth fall out simply because you’re at an age where your gums no longer have the strength to hold your teeth in place. This is natural and happens to a large number of people, so it’s probably a good idea to assume that your teeth won’t last forever but since you do need your teeth throughout your whole life, you may need to get artificial teeth somewhere down the road.

For decades, dentures have been everyone’s go to solution for restoring teeth. It’s kind of like how a person goes to buy glasses; you show up at the dentist’s office, they create dentures for you and that’s that, you wear them all day and remove them before bed. After a while, you’ll get used to wearing your dentures but then again, you don’t have to since there’s a better and more permanent solution as well.

If your teeth are falling out, then what you need to be doing is getting yourself an appointment with Smile Doctor Sydney and get dental implants in your mouth instead. Dental implants are almost a true replacement to your teeth wince they’re surgically placed into your jawbone, which they become a part of. With these implants, you’ll be able to bite into anything with the same confidence and results as real teeth.

Dental implants have a long term success rate of an impressive 90%, which makes them the best way for a patient to restore their teeth. With implants, you may even forget the fact that your real teeth have already fallen out of your mouth – that’s how successful they are.